Cactus / Laine
artist, designer, forgotten e-pet

Hey- welcome to the main hub of my online presence!Enjoy your stay (:

aquarius, eyebleed enthusiast, est. 1996

Hello! I go by Laine or Cactus. I'm an artist and designer specializing in digitial and mixed media!

Commission Status: OPEN

Sketches- Starting at $35

Created digitally, 1-hour of dedicated worktime
Additional fees may apply for: complex design, backgrounds/props, edits, and full-body posing

Crayola Art- Starting at $75

Made with crayola crayons and finished with sharpie and white acrylic paint.
Textural BGs available for additional $10,
Scenic BGs for additional $20
Physical Shipment Available for additional fee plus S+H

Digital Sticker- Starting at $50

Single Character Full-body
full body w/ abstract BG & "sticker effect" border + drop shadow
delivered as an image on background as well as a transparent sticker

Interested? Let me Know!

We can work out the details and get you a quote-
Message me through any of my social media- or feel free to email me at [email protected]


i'm still revamping my social media and haven't linked this yet hehe